Porque me gustó


Ya que me puse ochentosa, les comparto una cancioncita de Miss Patty LaBelle, uno de esos vozarrones potentes de la década del ’80.
Algo que necesito para la que me espera prontito: TOTAL CONCENTRATION
No verán un video en movimiento, pero… la música es y siempre será, genial.

Les dejo la letta en inglés y sólo traduciré la última línea… que expresa lo que necesito justo ahora…

I’ve got my eye on you
I send my thoughts straight in your direction
Nut am I getting through?
Day and night I’m trying to make the connection
I’ve studied every book

I’ve rented videos, hoping for assistance
I watch your every look
But it’s so hard to love you from a distance
Help me out!

I don’t sleep
I don’t eat
I keep pounding my brain
I keep punding the beat
I want you
And that’s no exaggeration
I’m prepared to give you
Total concentration

You’re always on my mind
So I ignore any more distractions
You take up all my time
But I’m determined to get satisfaction
I’ve seen you watching me too
I’m not the only one feeling this emotion
So, darling, what can we do?
How can we demonstrate all of this devotion?
Look at me!


I could fool around
I could turn my back and go
I could think of lots of other loves
But do I? Do I? Do I? No!


(OH, yo necesito, necesito, concentración total!!!)



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